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Project Management Office (PMO)

Welcome to the PMO Website

The role of the Project Management Office (PMO) is to provide a framework for successful project management. The PMO defines and maintains standards, methods and best practices for project management within the Technology Services division. The primary goal of the PMO is to achieve benefits and value through repeatable processes aimed at controlling costs, controlling scope, optimizing resource allocations and successfully completing the specific project goals and objectives.

The most mature PMOs provide the following:

  • Governance: Improved decision making by the right people, for the right reasons, with the right information.
  • Transparency: Providing relevant and accurate information from a PMO data-centric repository to support effective decision-making.
  • Repeatability: Ability to re-use standards, processes, templates and best practices.
  • Guidance: Uses processes, practices and tools to provide project teams with support, education, training and guidance for project delivery.
  • Visibility: Provides reporting and status, manages documentation, maintains project history and transfers organizational knowledge.


Project Management Activities

  • Creating Project Management Plans
  • Requirements Gathering, Facilitation, Relationship Building
  • Creating Use Cases, Business Case Development, Project Justification
  • Perform Risk Management; Create Contingency, Fallback and Workaround Plans
  • Planning, Scheduling, Resource Allocation and Optimization
  • Budgeting, ROI, Project Performance Evaluation, Earned Value Management
  • Communications, Status Reporting
  • Direct, Manage and Control Project Work
  • Plan, Implement and Control Quality Requirements and/or Standards and Processes
  • Plan, Manage and Control Procurements
  • Project Closing Processes Including Lessons Learned

Why is Project Management Important?

  • Improves project success rates, (on time, on budget, meets project objectives)
  • Reduces project costs, (eliminates duplication and waste)
  • Visibility enhances accountability and ownership
  • There is a selection and prioritization process, (doing the right projects)
  • Projects are better planned and managed leading to more successful execution
  • Strong project communication leads to awareness of risks and potential issues

The Project Management Office, (PMO), within Technology Services will provide support for technology-related projects by:

  • Standardizing project management methods and language
  • Encouraging an environment focused on timely performance and execution
  • Creating repeatable processes from proposal to completion
  • Training technology services staff on project management best practices and techniques
  • Promoting transparency and visibility of all completed, ongoing, and upcoming technology projects


To deliver Successful IT projects every time.

A successful project is:

  • A Satisfied University Community
  • On Budget
  • On Time
  • Leveled Resources
  • Aligned with Strategic Plan

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