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Planning and Digital Transformation

Campus Application and Classified Data Inventory

The Application and Classified Information Database (ACID) is a comprehensive record-keeping system designed to document and manage all campus applications and associated data at Fresno State. This inventory serves as a centralized database that catalogs information about the various technological assets and software applications used across the campus. Additionally, it includes details about the types of sensitive or classified data stored by these systems, providing a thorough overview of the campus's IT infrastructure. This inventory is essential for efficient management, maintenance, and security of campus-wide information technology resources; and, provides a foundation for strategic planning, resource optimization, risk management, and compliance.

As part of the IT Security Review in the procurement process, members of the campus community will be required to submit an Application and Classified Information Form.

Submit the Application and Classified Information Form  

What information do I need for the Application and Classified Information Form?

  • Has this product or service been purchased before? 
  • Product Name 
  • The purpose of the product/service, what the product/service does, and how the product/service is planned to be used.
  • IT Product or Service Type
  • The categories of products or services that are included as a part of the proposed purchase.
  • Does the licensing model support a separate Development, Test, and Production environment model without additional costs for Dev/Test environment licenses?
  • Is the software requested subscription based?

  • Sales Contact 
  • Technical Contact 
  • [optional] Upload supporting files such as brochures/datasheets, price quotes/proposals/statement of works, agreements, software license agreement, service agreements

  • Number of users of the product(s)/service(s)
  • Product/Service Purpose (i.e. student-related or job-related)
  • Will the product/service be used by multiple departments/colleges?
  • What locations will the product/service be accessed from?  
  • Types of users and estimated numbers

  • Will the product/service be hosted off-site? 
  • What data will the product/service store or transmit?
  • Will the product act as a server or accept inbound network information?
  • Upload HECVAT or SOCII (If you have any questions about this item, please contact Rafael Villegas)
  • Upload VPAT (If you have any questions about this item, please contact Mike Harding)

  • Identify Fresno State applications or systems that the product/service will interact with.
  • Will the product/service need to integrate with campus authentication services? 
  • Will implementation of the product/service require assistance from, or involve coordination with, other campus departments? 
  • What is the planned "go live" timeline for the product/solution?

  • Will Technology Services be required for any aspects of implementation for the product/service?
  • Will product/service require ongoing support from Technology Services? 
  • Have Technology Services staff been consulted about implementation and/or ongoing support requirements?


Application and Classified Information Database (ACID) Management

Members of the IT Review Process and Data Entry Operators can access the ACID Management Portal by clicking the button below. 
Take Action in the ACID Management Portal