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Planning and Digital Transformation


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Digital Student Experience

Our first step, creating a redesigned mobile app experience.Learn More about The Experience
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The Automated University

Our first step, Kuali Build form and workflow builder.Learn more about The Process
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Digital Document Accessibility Training

Happening now, this hybrid training is available via Zoom or In-Person in McKee.Sign Up For Training


Transforming technology at Fresno State through strategy, innovation, and fulfillment.

Planning and Digital Transformation at Technology Service empowers the future of Fresno State through Technological Innovations, Trusted Campus Partnership, and Service Excellence, focusing on student experience and delivery of excellence in digital services and technology solutions.  We strive to improve campus operational excellence, accelerate scholarly research successes and enrich the student experience, emboldening the best and latest technological innovations and transformative IT solutions.  

Our mission of Digital Transformation for Institutional Excellence

  • Streamline university operations with Robotic Processes and Intelligent (cognitive) Automation to improve the student services
  • Develop off-ramps from legacy systems into modern platforms for university administrative and academic functions
  • Build a Future-Proof data integration and interoperability architecture seamlessly integrating applications and technology solutions into academic and business processes
  • Implement a modern, personalized, and accessible Digital Student Experience Platform to create a unified yet personalized student experience.
  • Institute Technology Experience program to support HIPS (High Impact Practices) such as, internships, project-based learning, service learning, and undergraduate research.
  • Harness Artificial Intelligence and Data to frost an inclusive culture by addressing communication, accessibility, and community engagement. 


How can we help you today?

Business Capability and Process Automation
Practices, frameworks, and technologies that automate, improve efficiencies and measure the effectiveness of business processes. Includes IT service management; ticket management; operations, business, sales, and marketing management platforms; document and signature management services; customer relationship management; job scheduling; and workflow management.

Data, Reporting, and Analytics
Business intelligence platforms, data warehouses, dashboards, analytics tools, transactional reporting, operational data stores, and data governance when offered as a service.

Mass Communications and Emergency Notifications
One-way communications and emergency communications to the entire campus or other defined groups. Includes campus alert systems, broadcast email and text messaging, electronic newsletter distribution, enterprise mailing list management, and digital signage.

Data and Integration Services

Focus on integrating data and systems to prepare for the Next-generation enterprise IT aiming for agility, scalability, cost effectiveness, and effective analytics.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
Consulting unrelated to a specific technology service, such as business process streamlining, business relationship management, and business analysis.

System Interoperbility
Application Integration Services are offered to make Enterprise data available to applications via web services, messaging, file transfer, or other supported programming interface. This service allows departmental or vended applications to integrate with enterprise data on a secure, consistent, and supported basis.

Digital Accessibility
Assessing or enabling accessibility of academic software, enterprise applications, or electronic/digital resources. Might include accessibility reviews, defining standards, analysis, or end-user training/awareness.

IT Communications and Documentation
Development and delivery of IT communications related to delivery of IT services. Might include communications related to system changes, service offerings, or service outages (planned or unplanned). Functionally, might include maintenance of support documentation and/or the service catalog.

Mobile and Web Application Design
Our Mobile and Web Application Design Consulting service offers campus units an opportunity to collaborate with an experienced designer on the usability, user experience and visual design of their mobile or web application. 

Training and Outreach
Developing, delivering, or coordinating end-user technology training for applications and systems. Functionally, might include organizational change management and/or development and delivery of digital literacy campaigns.

User Experience Design
Our User Experience (UX) Design Consulting service offers campus units an opportunity to collaborate with an experienced designer on the usability, user experience, and visual design of their website or application. We partner with you to:

  • Evaluate and identify the issues that your users may encounter while using your website, mobile apps, application, or online service
  • Test critical tasks on your site to ensure they are easy to accomplish
  • Perform user research to understand your website users' needs
  • Define the top goals for your web/mobile project
  • Design new menu structures
  • Develop page layouts and more

Research Administration Systems
Systems used to secure and facilitate research funding and compliance.

Research-Specific Applications
Advanced or specialized computing applications, such as AI/ML, plotting, visualization, modeling, rendering, animation, graphics programming, and image manipulation. (Research-computing is under Systems Infrastructure team)

Research Data Services
Support of the data life cycle, including data creation; discovery and collection; analysis and visualization; in partnership with the Systems Infrastructure team for storage, backup, and transfer; and research data policy compliance.

Research Software
Software package management, research software development, research software optimization or troubleshooting, workflow engineering, containers and cloud computing, securing access to software, and software associated with physical specimens.

 Visit the Training page to view all of our current training opportunities.

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Content management systems, portals, web hosting, web analytics, user experience design, and URL management.

Website and mobile application development


Consulting Opportunities

Transformative Ideas

Join us on a journey of transformation as we work together to shape the future of Fresno State. Ideas on Technology Innovations to fostering a culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and excellence to Elevating Student Success!
Explore your Transformative Idea

Technology Experience Consulting

Come join the planning team for a 30-minutes consultation to explore available options for technology solutions and digital experiences to enhance student engagement, optimize administrative efficiency, and foster a dynamic learning environment.
Explore your Experience Idea

User Experience Consulting

Come to a 30 minute session with UX Designer and Director of Planning and Digital Transformation to participate in an ideation session on an idea, process, experience or solution!
Explore your UX Idea