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Planning and Digital Transformation


Photo of Katherine Lathos, young woman


Katherine Lathos

User Experience Designer

Katherine Lathos is a UX Designer specializing in higher education. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Masters of Graphic Information Technology, she is passionate about creating intuitive digital experiences.

Katherine values collaboration and works the team and members across campus to create seamless digital experiences, for example the Fresno State website and Mobile@FresnoState. Along with digital experiences she conducts user research and testing to learn about how users are interacting with new solutions presented making sure users needs are met. Creating graphic materials for overviews and roadmaps involves distilling complex information into visually engaging designs that effectively communicate key features and milestones. These materials serve as valuable tools for conveying the software's functionality and development trajectory to stakeholders, aiding in decision-making and fostering understanding across teams.

As a member of the Web and Mobile Advisory Group, Katherine focuses on creating accessible and easy to navigate designs through a variety of platforms.