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Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone Equipment

The Zoom softphone application provides many options including making and receiving calls from your desktop or mobile device without the need of the additional expense for buying a desk phone.

If you decide to purchase a desk phone, each department manager or chair will be responsible for buying their own equipment. The Poly EDGE E220 is the campus standard as it maintains a high-speed network connection for any computers connected directly to a phone.  If buying a desk phone, do not purchase a refurbished phone.  All Polycom EDGE Series phones purchased must be enrolled in the Fresno State Zoom account; once enrolled, it will need to be assigned to a user by the Zoom Administrator.   

  • May provide better visibility of lines in use if you manage more than 5 lines.
  • Are a better option for a workspace where multiple people use one phone.

The equipment listed below has been tested and approved.

  • Poly EDGE E100 - The standard for conference rooms and classrooms (not recommended for faculty or staff use) - Two line keys with a 2.8 inch backlit color display


  • Poly EDGE E220 - The standard for invididual offices - Color LCD display, supports 1-4 lines


  • Poly EDGE E320 - Desktop handset with 3.5" color LCD display, supports 1-8 lines


  • Polyc EDGE E450 - Desktop handset with 3.5" color screen; supports 1-12 lines 

In most cases you can continue to use your existing headset.  If you currently don't have a headset, we are including a few recommendations for those individuals working in an area where:

  • Environmental noise disrupts calls through your device mic and/or makes it difficult for you to hear
  • Others in your environment can overhear your callers’ information that should be private

Consult your area technician (ITL) before making any purchases.

For more information, please consult with your area technician (ITL) before making any purchases.