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Technology Services

Accessibility Training

A wide spectrum of accessibility training is now being offered for faculty, staff, and students by the Office of Digital Accessibility (ODA), along with Web Services. 

The Office of Digital Accessibility pleased to offer quick and easy training sessions on a variety of accessibility subjects. If there is a training you would like to see in the near future, please email with your suggestions.

At this time, no registration is required to attend. We do require that all attendees sign into their Fresno State Zoom accounts (email username and password) when attending. Click on the Zoom link on the day of the training and a moderator will allow access once training starts at 10 AM.

You may also visit the ODA Google Calendar to see future online and in-person training we are offering for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.

Introduction to Digital Accessibility at Fresno State

A wide-ranging talk on all the available digital accessibility resources at Fresno State. The talk covers "Why is digital accessibility important?", key offices and resources, and what are some tools available now. There will be an open discussion on the needs of our campus and potential future training sessions.

Where: ODA Zoom Room

Instructor(s): Mike Harding

When: TBD

Length: 45 - 60 minutes.

Accessibility and Zoom

Zoom is used for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across multiple platforms. Join Lars Newlander and Mike Harding as they discuss how to use Zoom for accessibility in an educational environment.

Where: ODA Zoom Room

Instructor(s): Mike Harding and Lars Newlander

When: March 28th, 11 AM

Length: 60 minutes

Understanding Color Use for Accessibility

People with visual impairments interpret color and contrast differently. That makes it difficult or impossible for them to access information communicated only by color. Join the Office of Digital Accessibility as they walk you through key accessibility practices, guidelines, laws, and tools to ensure the accessible use of color.

Where: ODA Zoom Room

nstructor(s): Mike Harding

When: April 25th, 11 AM

Length: 60 minutes.

Creating Accessible Emails

Email is a vital communication tool, so it’s important to avoid accessibility barriers that might prevent someone from viewing or understanding the message. Join ODA for specialized training on making your email messages more accessible.

Where: ODA Zoom Room

Instructor(s): Mike Harding

When: April 18th, 1 PM

Length: 60 minutes


GrackleDocs is an add-on to the Google Suite of programs (Google Docs and Google Slides). GrackleDocs will test and help remediate Google content to work well with screen reader software and other assistive technology while producing better-structured documents overall. 

Where: ODA Zoom Room

Instructor(s): Mike Harding

When: TBD

Length: 60 minutes.

Video Captioning

Captioning your videos helps promote an equitable environment online. Learn proper formatting for your Fresno State videos. Learn about YouTube Studio and other Fresno State tools for captioning.

Where: ODA Zoom Room

Instructor(s): Mike Harding

When: April 4th, 10 AM

Length: 90 - 120 minutes.

Accessible PDF Forms Basics

Learn how to create accessible PDF forms using Adobe Acrobat easily.

Where: ODA Zoom Room

Instructor(s): Mike Harding

When: April 11th, 10 AM

Length: 90 minutes

Using YouTube Studio for Video Accessibility

Learn the best practices for creating and uploading your videos for accessibility, captioning, and transcription.

Where: ODA Zoom Room

Instructor(s): Mike Harding

When: May 2nd, 11 AM

Length: 60 minutes

Digital Document Accessibility Training for Spring 2024

Technology Services is now offering Digital Document Accessibility Training. This one-hour training is offered in person and on Zoom. The Office of Digital Accessibility (ODA) will provide an understanding of digital document accessibility fundamentals. An exercise will be provided at the end of the training to verify knowledge of the tools and skills learned. Attending this training is required to maintain access to the documents folder on the OMNI CMS platform by the end of June 2024.

Link to Digital Document Accessibility Training

Office of Digital Accessibility Virtual Office Hours

The Office of Digital Accessibility offers virtual office hours on Tuesdays from 10 AM to 2 PM to answer any accessibility questions. All office hours are on Zoom. Use the button below to book your appointment time.

Link to ODA Virtual Office Hours Page

Web Services is proud to offer training for the campus OMNI CMS web portal. Additional training videos (covering Omni CMS and web accessibility) are provided to access at any time.

Omni CMS Training

Learn how to edit campus webpages and be a web content editor. You will learn how to upload images and documents, link to pages, and much more. Please note that Omni CMS training is mandatory to gain access to the Fresno State web portal.

Follow this link to request access to Omni CMS Training.

Follow this link to view Omni CMS training videos.

Web Services Open Lab Hours

A one on one session with a web services staff member or student assistant to assist you with any of your website editing related needs. Open Lab is offered every Friday via Zoom.

Link to Web Services Open Lab Information