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Technology Services

Campus Champions

Spring 2020 Highlights

Along with the rest of the CSU, Fresno State’s Technology Services division had to pivot from business as usual to a brand new virtual way of life. The division became responsible for supporting virtual learning and remote work as well as providing all necessary equipment for an ideal work environment.

The transition took place very quickly and has been an ongoing process. Below you will find some of what our staff has been able to achieve.


Our staff has been busy implementing and supporting the following:

  • Set up of Apporto: Apporto will be available to the entire Fresno State student population in the Fall Semester.  Apporto allows students and faculty to stream computer lab applications remotely to any device that has a web browser. For example students can use statistical analysis applications such SPSS on an iPad, Chromebook, Mac, Linux, and Windows device. So in the same fashion that people can choose and stream their movies from Netflix, students will now be able to stream their favorite applications from any device and time of their choosing.

  • Purchased and distributed over 1,000 hot spots and iPads for students for Spring and Fall semesters.

  • Installed telephone software to allow staff to answer calls remotely (Service Desk and ACD offices)

  • DocuSign was rolled out to Faculty and Staff and so far there are over 1,500 users benefitting from this new process.

  • Created a new Remote Work Website with tips and resources for any issues that may arise.

  • Created a new website to include up to date COVID-19 information for the campus community.

  • Changes were made to the VPN to allow for the increase in traffic.

  • 315+ devices have been distributed to make remote work possible for staff members across campus.


Employee Recognition - High Five Recipients

During this unprecedented time, our staff has worked diligently to make sure our campus community has had as smooth a transition as possible. Our division has, as a whole, done an amazing job during this transition with some being recognized by our campus community. Some of the specific examples can be found below.

Name About
Brian Beamer Brian Beamer recently assisted me with something I needed for an important and urgent project. He has assisted me in the past and he ALWAYS goes above and beyond to help in any way that he can. He also provides excellent customer service!! No matter what it is that he has helped me with he is always so patient and very helpful. If he does not know the answer, he will go out of his way to make sure that he finds out and gets right back to me. I appreciate him very much and our department is so lucky to have him as our IT Liaison! Thank you Brian!!
Brian Beamer On a number of occasions, Brian has come to our rescue! When we first faced the challenges of zoom, Brian was our hero. When we faced technical or connectivity issues, Brian solved our problems. When we needed to locate missing files, Brian "miraculously" helped us relocate them. Whenever we had a problem that Brian was not sure about, he would always troubleshoot, before referring us to another person. (The majority of the time, he would resolve our issue). As a result, whenever Brian enters our office, he is acknowledged similar to "Norm" from "Cheers"--instead, we say "Brian", with much respect, reassurance and appreciation!!
Fatih Yenen Fatih went above and beyond during the holiday weekend to fix some web links before the launch of Fresno State's new web pages. His quick response helped to reduce anxiety for others and his flexibility was much appreciated.
Geoff King He is always ready to help and come up with a solution.
Ty Cillufo We have a bunch of Ethernet cables that were defective. The cables needed to be replaced or the connectors needed to be replace. Ty used his skills and an RJ45 crimping device to repair all of the ends. This helped out a lot and made the area a whole lot nicer and more reliable.
Will Tubbs Will is indispensable to the Craig School of Business. He made and continues to make the technological transition to online teaching manageable. His greatest strength is his ability to work pleasantly and respectfully with staff and professors. Without him, the transition and online teaching experience would be a nightmare and very stressful.
Will Tubbs Will is so incredibly helpful. He has worked many hours outside of the working day to help my students. He has such a positive, approachable attitude when working with the students that he offers them assurance that the issue will be resolved.

Name About
Deb Reba Deborah patiently assisted me in getting my remote Zoom working. I had an important Zoom lined up and was having trouble with the remote access. Thank you Deborah!!
Guillermo Gaeta We face many urgent matters within our office, and I couldn’t thank Guillermo enough for saving the bacon. Recently we had a file from a third party with issues and a posting deadline of the same day. I reached out to Guillermo and notified him that this was an urgent matter as the file needed to be sent back to the third party for corrections then re-submitted to our department for posting so students could see their charges. Guillermo was very responsive to all my questions and concerns explaining the ITS side and steps and of course was successful in sending the file to the third party to correct. This allowed our office to post the corrected file from the third party onto the student accounts in a timely manner. All your hard work, efforts and time on this recent urgent matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do for our department and saving the bacon!!
Pawn Sayphengsy  A last minute request came in and Pawn worked with us to get us what we needed, above and beyond!
Robert Guinn Robert was receptive, collaborate, and kind when it was most needed. I've always enjoyed working with Robert, and am grateful for his leadership and teamwork, especially when it's down to the wire.
Sree Annapureddy Sree was so awesome to rework a form we desperately needed last minute. It took a lot of hard work, but Sree got it done.

Name About
Boon Mo Boon is consistently helpful and works hard to ensure staff have their needs met and questions answered. Not only does he put up with all of my (many) questions, he goes out of his way to explain fully and kindly about whatever issue I need help with. In addition, he was able to troubleshoot and suggest new (and better) solutions than what I'd thought might work to solve a physical setup technology issue. Boon's commitment to his work combined with in depth knowledge and kind service make him such an asset to our campus.

Jarvis Vang

I had placed a work order and Jarvis regularly communicated with me regarding the issue. He spent a lot of time determining the cause of the issue and explained how the tests that were being done. He also communicated this information to my IT liaisons so that everyone would be a part of the process and solution. He was able to find the problem and get it corrected. He even followed up with a phone call to ensure that everything was working properly. I really appreciate his customer service, problem-solving skills and great communication.

Jeff McVey

This High Five is long overdue. Jeff is responsive and timely. He is knowledgeable and always figures out the best solution (sometimes the desired end result is not always clear). I very much appreciate his helpful nature, especially his patience :) Thank you, Jeff!
Joshua Tolbert Josh did a great job of troubleshooting a non-functioning Emergency Phone. His diligence and attention to detail helped him resolve the issue and get the Emergency Phone back up and running. We appreciate him!
Juan Torres Juan was very instrumental in helping our department with phone extension updates, phone trees and with the ACD software installation. Whenever we have a question, require training or need to make modifications--he is always cordial, patient and respectful. He ensures that individuals have a full understanding of the system, are familiar with the various options, and are aware of the pros and cons. In addition, he is always readily available to assist us--even on his days off!! Thank you Juan, for continually providing us with excellent customer service!!
Vivian Fang Vivian has been so patient with me while we have been working on a new project for my office! She is very prompt with emails, she's always willing to meet, and is very detailed and thorough in her explanation of the process. I greatly appreciate her work and support! Thank you, Vivian!!

Name About
Eileen Schlundt Eileen's kindness was shown by her patient and supportive attitude in helping me to get set up for working remotely. And as always, she communicates with the utmost respect no matter how many times I have to reach out to her for help.
John Wagenleitner John modeled the principle of ACCOUNTABILITY.
John met with me to get the parameters of the needed task and responded with the needed information in a timely and detailed manner.
Rafael Villegas Rafael modeled the Principle of being ACCOUNTABLE.
He clearly communicated what he would do and in a very quick timeframe and held true to that commitment.
   Thank you Rafael